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Hello Weevils Heres My Pet on Binweevils Ferrari His wicked Nine balls!!

Best binpet pictures

Well here is the all new page for binpet pictures. If you have a binpet find me and htuddin on binweevils and we will take a picture of your binpet!! Here is a pic of my binpet juggling!

By Tomato paste

Juggling 4 balls

A picture of my binpet juggling 4 balls The tricks difficulty rating is 18

Juggling 5 balls

Here is the trick on 5 balls with the difficulty rating of 30

Juggling 7 balls - difficulty rating 60

The first trick for 7 balls is difficulty rating 60

Juggling 8 balls - difficulty rating 75

A picture of my pet juggling 8 balls the first trick.

Juggling 6 balls difficulty rating 51

Juggling 6 balls at difficulty rating 51