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Hello And Welcome to our Cheats Section!!

On this Page will Be Many Cheats and Tips Such as Glitches and Other stuff It will also Include How to Complete all the Word Searches and Crosswords also there will Be Videos which me or Tomato paste will put up such as Tips on earning mulch or Experience Thats our Speciality Experience? Message to htuddin from tomato paste: Please write our instead of are please rub this out as soon  as u recieve it)

Racing glitch!
(By Tomato paste)

At the end of  a race you can customize your score though no one can see it. Here is a picture of an edit. You can only do this during a normal race but not a time trial.

Glitch Preformed By htuddin!

This is the Flying a Glitch I will Put A Vid up to show you heres a Picture any way?

Written By htuddin
Remeber To Preform This Glitch You have to have Tinks Block Move Or it is not able for you to do it Walk into a Door in your nest and then while ur in there Preform the Tinks Block Move!