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I managed to get my weevil back xDD ppl Dat means Im bk on BW heres a Pic of my new weevil n Tomato paste his a dimwit his not leaveing his just try nar mess wid u lolz byee c ya around the bin!
Reply from Tomato paste:
Yep htuddin u caught me. I got BT option 3 unlimited gb. I can play for ages everyday. I aint a dimwit though... lol
Kk cya around htuddin and viewers

Weevil Kart DS

Crown link Click the link for the crown

Chatroom link Click here for chatroom


Halloween Room

Halloween Room
This picture shows some of my friends in my new halloween room!

New nest items and new buddy messaging system ALSO DESIGN TRACK 4 FOR DIRT VALLEY AND PIPES AT NEW PLACES! (By Tomato paste)

Wow binweevils has released a new new new new new week. They put new nest items! Like the mobile plane, lips seat (not the best in my opinion), and weevil beanbags to sit on! Check em out now! Heres a picture on my other weevil! Plus they released a new messaging system. I will not show you unless you go to your nest and click on it sorry its a surprise. Wouldnt want to spoil it for you. But heres a picture of it!

New way for bin tycoon

You know there used to be a hard way to read someones magazine! Well its easier. Find a bin tycoon click the hat and click the magazine and choose a magazine. Simple!!! Also note that if the magazine doesnt show up it may mean that they do not have a magazine!

Pipes at rums cove to shopping mall!

Hey peeps the pipe from Rums cove leads to the shopping mall. Looks like binweevils will be making more!

New nest items

Also heres  a pic to show the mobile plane and the new items! I didnt get the square head weevil beanbag or the circle head beanbag because of not much mulch!. I got the upside down triangle one and the lip chair and finally the mobile plane!


Sorry weevils I havent put up the bin tycoon information for ages but here it is!

Bin tycoon costs £3.95 for a month and £20 for 6 months and £35 for 12 months. You get a hat with it too! More information coming soon!

Tomato paste!

Bin tycoon see whats new page for more

Super Smash 


Bin pet room - click picture for the room

Introducing the pets room. Click the picture.

Binpet tricks for more balls

Here is the difficulty rating for more balls for your binpet.

Ball 2: trick  difficulty rating 8 on 1 ball
ball 3: difficulty rating 10 on 2 balls
ball 4: Difficulty rating on 3 balls 24
ball 5: Difficulty rating on 4 balls 42
ball 6: Difficulty rating on 5 balls 60
ball 7: Difficulty rating on 6 balls 67
ball 8: Diffulty rating on 7 balls 79
ball 9: difficulty rating on 8 balls 91

This is how my binpet learnt it

Site Champion

Hello Weevils Every Month We will have Supreme Site Champion Its like KOTB but its on are site Today it has began and First Supreme site Weevil is Super Smash check on Famous Weevils and You will se? Also They will Get a Go to Be Moderator on are Chat room for the Month and there Picture will be On are main Page which is home.

Thank You

sorry Weevils?

Sorry Weevils me and Tomato paste havnt been doing the Crown for days cause Im in year 6 so is Tomato paste and we have been lately busy with school and are chatroom no worrys we have got it back cause summer holidays have ended the crown will be at 4:10 every day.

Binweevils bw help

If you are new to the site and havent been here for long well here is an update. In this website we have home, cheats, famous weevils, Whats new on binweevils, binweevilscrown, Partys, SWS missions, Best items, Binpet pictures, Rooms rock, Chatroom, videos.

If you cant see some of them then click more and find stuff. Oh and check out the chatroom,

By Tomato paste


Hello Weevils This is Myne and htuddins Weevil we share this one and were ganna Gget it KOTB which is King Of The Bin about 6 times and also Were not ganna get much King of The Bin Tropies for htuddin and Tomato paste well were not ganna get any for them but this is how it looks and also be sure to add us on this weevil becasue I will get it on The King of the Bin But I will still go on Tomato paste and so would htuddin still go on htuddin so the only thing is were makeing this weevil for is to get it on KOTB nad make a really Famous so heres a Picture Of How it looks Thank You for Reading this its just a Reminder to say that we wont be on are normal weevils for a while but we will still come on them thank you bye for now and remember keep Weeviling! And by the way are weevils called Fame?

Our binweevils website!

Hi and welcome to our site. Theres an all new chatbox. We have updated our website everyday and are doing a lot to supprt you. Look out for us. Tomato paste (me) and htuddin. Me and htuddin worked out an idea to create our own site now we have some people coming to our site. This is how our weevils look like. Oh and make sure yoou go to more and go to the chatroom there could be someone to talk to!

Tomato paste

Thats me


And this is htuddin