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Halloween Party!

Heyy Weevils We are Having are own Halloween Party Please Be sure to come here are the Details:


Your title
Which new feature is the best on binweevils?
New furniture
New buddy messaging system
New pipes
Easy access to read someone elses magazines

Bin tycoon coming out soon

Here go to these links to see more about the bin tycoon!!!

If the link doesnt work paste the address on the bar!

Bin tycoon

This much is known about the bin tycoon so far. htuddin emailed the team and this is what they said. For more go to grime at 16:40/4:30pm to see big weevil who will explain more about it!!

Hi,   We will soon be releasing BIN TYCOON which will allow you to change the look of your weevils temporarily!! Bin Tycoon will also allow you to get jobs, own your own business and earn mulch and become famous in the bin.   All you will have to do is subscribe and pay a small amount each month to uses this new service (payment details will be available soon).   So watch out for this new and exciting addition to your weeviling experience.   BIN TYCOON coming soon!!!   Yours Weevily,
The Bin Weevils Team
Bin Weevils Limited
220 Latimer Road,
W10 6QY

Traffic light interior contest

Written by Tomato paste

Here is my entry for the traffic light interior contest.

Binweevils mission 2 part 2 trophy

Here is the best bit!

I completed mission 2 part 2

Yay i can teleport and also..... i got a trophy look around this page for a pic


Here is a pic of binweevils slippery floors!

Binweevils mission 2 part 2 coming soon!

The wait is just over a few hours of preparation and soon you will have completed mission 2 part 2!!!!!!!!!!!

The wishes come true!

Recently you weevils have made a vote of what you want hrough the bin and guess what! The bin top floors will be slippery all day throguhout Wednesday 26th August 2009! Remember to check out later for more information on this awesome fantastic update

by htuddin

Weevil wishes proof! If you dont believe us then here is proof!

Read this dudes if you dont believe us!

Votes Counted!

Weevils You heard Your Vootes have been Counted and the vote is Slippery floors in Bin Top so Be Tuned to Logg In Tommoro It will Be ariveing then!!

By htuddin

Hello Weevils Amazeing Vote!

If You havnt seen The Binweevils Vote Yet I Guess You should Cause Its alraedy lauched!

Binweevils Maintenance!

Weevils I saw this when I logged in Its Nothing To Worry About Its Juat The Binweevils Team Fixing the Bin For you Because There has been lots of Weevils Paying Today Because Of The Slippery Floors I know So This Has May be Caused a Bin quake no worrys though it will be back soon... 
But the Thing is I could Tell you the problem it is not a bin qauke its is just some think new comeing they are putiign the new SWS mission up! HORAYYY!

Thank You for Your Co Oporation We will be back at this time 13:20.

New SWS Mission is arriveing!!

Binweevil Maintenance is there for a reason it is that they are putting the New Equipment for the nest SWS Mission!

New Nest Item Arrives!

A New Nest Item Has Arrived Check In the Shopping mall Its a Dinousour Just Click Accesories heres a Picture!

Hello Weevils I completed the NEW SWS Mission!!

Horaayyyy I completed the New Mission for SWS Even Tomato paste heres me doing the Move!!!

My SWS Tropie and All my Tropies!!

Hello Weevils me and Tomato paste have the Same Tropies I also Have the Golden Bin and the new SWS tropie pluss all raceing Tropies and Silver Night Tropie!!